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Getting stuck in New Territories

Last Sunday the weather was great and I hadnt been out riding for a while so thought I would head out for a ride. Not having ridden for a few weeks I noted the battery had gone flat. I took it out and put it on charge for an hour while having breakfast. Normally I charge it longer but I was keen on getting out on the road and while riding the bike the battery is getting charged so didn't worry to much of having a flat battery. I was just coming over the mountain range on Route Twisk, where plenty of sport bikes go racing, when I noticed I was low on fuel. I pulled into a gas station and filled the bike up. Once I was ready to go I turned the ignition back on but nothing happened when I pushed the start button. Since the light came on and the headlight looked fine it wasn't obvious what was wrong. The most obvious sign was that the service light was showing after a few seconds when turning the ignition on. I thought maybe the ECU, the bikes computer, had gone wrong so