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Trying out the bluetooth OBD connector

I want to connect my laptop to my bike in order to both get diagnostic info out as well as hook up new toys to it. The most promising way to do this sounds like the OBD2 diagnostics interface. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be easy to do on bikes from 2014 or later having the "Fly by Wire" throttle. In the past I've happily connected my KTM 990 Adventure to TuneECU but the 2014 690 Enduro R is not playing a long as easily. So far I've tried out the Lonelec cable and USB cable to laptop Konnwei KW902 Bluetooth dongle Vgate Scan OBD Bluetooth dongle Only the Vgate dongle is responding but is not talking to TuneECU. However connecting with a serial comm terminal like Tera Term then it responds to the basic ELM commands. I also wrote a small diagnostic Python program based on python-OBD to try to see what was supported: import obd obd.logger.setLevel(obd.logging.DEBUG) # enables all debug information ports = obd.scan_serial() print (ports) connec