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Changing Oil

Changing oil KTM Enduros normally need oil change every 3000 km or every year. Living in Hong Kong it is hard to get 3000 km in so time to change oil anyway despite only doing 1700 km. What we need are a few basic things: 2 litres of oil, well 1.7 to be exact. Either 10W/60 or /50. I usually go for the /60 since I live in a hot climate and it means it is not getting to thin. 2 filters, one long and one short 8 o-rings, 2 big, 2 middle size and 4 small 1 big cloth i.e. old t-shirt 13 mm and 8 mm sockets To get cracking first remove the skid plate: Then get to the tools we need: One 13 mm and one 8mm socket Now when we have the tools we need we can start the engine. The reason for this is to get the oil moving freely and I let it idle to 3-4 bars are shown on the dash which take 5 mins or so. The bolts to start with are on the left hand side under the gear shift lever. Start with the magnetic drain plug on the back. This will spit out most of the oil. Second go for the oil screen. Same 1