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Replacing brake fluid

With everyone in COVID-19 lockdown it seems to be the right moment to give the mistress in the garage some loving tender care. Todays task was to replace the brake fluid which I haven't done a single time just yet. The brakes were starting to feel a bit spongy so thought it would be a good time to sort the problem out. First of all we need some tools i.e. an 11mm wrench, an 8mm hex socket, a 6mm allen key and a torx  VT20. In addition a rag, a 30cm hose and a small disposable bottle will come in handy to make the process less messy. Secondly we need some new brake fluid. The bike can can use either DOT 4 or DOT 5.1. The latter has a higher boiling temperature so I reckon it is better in hot climate with many hills like Hong Kong. In addition it is handy with some degreasing cleaning spray. All fluids are available at Moto Mart up in Kowloon. Start by attaching a 30cm plastic hose to the front bleed nipple and put the other end in a small bottle.  Remo