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Chain maintenance

Second weekend of virus bike maintenance. This weekend all the bars are closed by police and weather wasn't good for riding or hiking. Lucky for my much neglected mistress in the garage and this time it was time for the chain to get some love.  Living in Hong Kong is not a chains favorite place since it is always fairly humid and things get rusty quite easily. My chain was in a bad state as you can see. The basic tools I got started with was an old t-shirt as rag, some generic cleaning spray, chain lube a plastic brush, a steel brush and my enduro stand. In order to be able to spin the wheel while working on the chain the enduro stand comes in very handy. This will lift the rear wheel off the ground. To not the let the bike slip away there is a velcro strap holding the front brake in place. These small asian stools are also handy to sit on while working. First thing was to get the surface rust off the chain. Modern bike chain have o-ring