A new set of tyres and tubes


Since I've been riding around on the same tyres for the past 6 years I reckon it made sense to put on a new set of tyres. Not that the old ones were totally used up but it just felt better to have fresh rubber when you start the trip. I also like to put in heavy duty (3mm) or ultra heavy duty (4mm) inner tubes to minimize the risk of punctures.

The tools needed

Lift the front wheel off the ground with the enduro stand. Undo the four front bolts with a torx key and undo the main bolt with a big wrench. Empty the tyre of air by removing the valve stem (if you have the tool) or just pressing down the little spike inside the valve.

Put the tyre on top of the new tyre and break the bead so the tyre comes off from the rim. Repeat on other side. You can also use the tyre irons to help doing this.

Start about 20 cm right of the valve with one tyre iron and another 20 cm further away to get the tyre off the rim. Press down the tyre on the other side so it stays in the center drop to give you some extra room for the bead to go over the rim. Once you got the bead over then you can use a small wrench inside to stop it popping back as you start working away with the tyre irons around the rim.

Repeat the procedure on the other side so that the bead is outside the rim on both sides.

Push the rim to the bottom of the tyre, sliding off the valve stem. Use the tyre iron in the cap to pry the tyre off the rim about halfway and after that you can pull the rim out by hand force.

If the rim rubber band is broken you can replace it with some duct tape.

Apply baby powder to the new inner tube and on the inside of the tyre to avoid them rubbing against each other.

 Put the new tube inside the tyre and inflate it just enough to give it a round shape. Pull out the valve stem a bit and feed it into the hole in the rim. Lube up the rim with soapy water and use the tyre irons to pop the bead back over the rim. 

Turn the tyre around and apply soapy water to the other side of the bead as well as inside to make the inner tube able to slide in place. Start 20 centimeter away from the valve stem and use the tyre irons to pop the bead back over the rim in place. Make sure you are careful to not pinch the tube here and don't work the irons more than about 90 degrees up from the tyre. In the very last 20 cm you can likely just kick the bead over the rim since it is quite tight to get irons in.


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