Build Phase Zero

Ok, so how do we start this project? First I reckon we need a bit of vision of what it will look once it is finished. I've seen a few bikes I like and this is one I found in Kunming, China. Nothing really fancy but reminded me a bit of my 640 Adventure with build up dashboard and large tanks.

The current state of the bike is very much vanilla 690 Enduro R.

Given I manage to brake a few things like this brake lever I realised I needed som initial upgrades before starting the real project.

First things to get sorted were aluminium crash bars, led indicators and a metal license plate.

Before receiving any parts I thought I start doing the basic preps. First steps is to remove the fairings and the air box.

Once the air box is removed the intake is very exposed for dirt.

To avoid any dirt getting in I covered it with a zip lock bag.

Some parts are well marked for refitting like this vent box.

But the screws I always forget where they go so they had to be marked.

Given I use a public garage all the parts removed had to go into my cupboard in this duffelbag.


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