Day 1

Finally after more than 4 months waiting I get 3 boxes and 41 kilos of kit delivered

First part is to see if every things is there. As expected a bunch of stuff is missing. For the tank kit is is only the unit that goes into the fuel pump so not really stopping me. For the fairings kit there is more missing, like head light for instance, and it doesn't come with a graphical inventory making it pretty hard to know what is missing. I emailed Rally-Raid who supplies the parts a list of missing parts for the tank kit and a picture of what I received for the fairings. I called them up and explained the problem but haven't heard anything back yet. Will chase on Monday.

All parts are supposed to be added using Loctite so had to find equvivalent of that over here in Hong Kong.

Firs part to fit the tanks is to relocate the rectifier, that is what turn AC into DC to charge the battery.

The new place for it is on the lower right side of the bike.

Next thing is to add a smaller version of the breather housing for the crank case.

Fits snuggly into place just behind the new tank mounts.

There are two tank mounts in fact. The lower one is an extension of the engine holding arm.

That little thing took 4 hours, including finding loctite and some big torx keys down in central Hong Kong. Now time for lunch.

Time to fit the radiator shield. It is the part that sticks out the most so prone to damage in crashes.

First remove the plastic existing shield.

Then add the metal frame and grid in front.

The tanks still fit ok on the outside.

Last thing for the days is the heavy duty bash plate. That plastic standard wouldn't take much beating I reckon. I cracked my aluminium one on the 640 which was 2 mm thick but this one appears even tougher.

End result for day one:


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