The project

I've been looking for a new travel bike for my next longer ride for a bit. In the past I've used a few different setups.

This was the first Honda 250 XR I did Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with. Great lightweight bike despite quite basic luggage system for the first 7000 km. Not much went wrong on this one except for a flat battery and a broken brake lever after my very first crash.

I spent a year on the KTM 640 Adventure all over South and Central America which ended up being about 45000km. Very good bike for a bit longer distance and just about the right size for long distance adventure without being too heavy do do some off-roading with.

I spent about 25000km around Europe on this KTM 990 Adventure. Smoother and classier than the 640 but too heavy for me to take off-road and hence I didn't even drop it once during 4 years of usage.

This is the new project! It is a 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R. Not much of a travel bike yet and here I just broken the plastic hand guards and rear brake lever while doing some early enduro test riding with it.


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