Day 3 - Getting the white dress on

Day 3 and here is the result from the day. Getting the fairings on to look like a bride in white.

First thing was to fit the headlight into the plastic mask holding it. 

This should later be trimmed for left or right hand traffic...ormaybe not if you crossing many countries with different traffic.

The mask goes onto the frame but first the cable loom needed to be tidied up with some zip ties.

The headlight pops easily into place and is to be held by two screws at the top and two at the bottom

White cover goes on top with some funny rubber nuts. This might make it possible to rip off the white shield. If it is good or bad remains to be seen. 

Under the headlight the air intake goes to tidy things up.

The side fairings need to be drilled. To know where to drill you fit a head less screw in the holes.

Then add some tape on the inside and press the fairing held in place inwards so the headless nut makes a mark.

Then drill two 8mm holes in each fairing.

With the fairings she starting to look good.

Cook pit side a bit empty but we are getting there!


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