Day 4 - Pimped up

Finally a weekend again and getting it all finished up. Below is the end result from today. Some minor tweaks still to be done like LED indicators and foldable mirrors but otherwise complete and ready for a test ride tomorrow.

Take off the tanks for the very last time in order to get space to fiddle back the airbox.

Airbox slides in.

Putting battery back

Putting ECU (bike computer) back.

Installing OBD2 bluetooth adapter so I can run diagnostics and debug the bike from my android phone.

Fits snuggly in next to the battery.

Ok, now over to pimping it all up.

Graphics all laid out on bed.

Contact cleaner to clean the surface and sharp blade

Expose a 10 mm wide sticky part on the back using the blade. Once you cleaned you align the graphics and let the 10mm strip stick. Then you remove one side at a time and try to push all air bubbles out.

Some of the graphics even have holes no issue with air bubbles.

To make the graphics stick a bit extra use a hair dryer to heat the edge and rub a bit extra.



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