New Grips

Time for some new grips since the existing ones started to turn into chewing gum

Tools needed to get the crash bars off

Also useful with a sharp knife to get the old grips off

Not quite sure why rubber turns into chewing gum like material. Very sticky and needed some solvent / gasoline to clear off the residual sticky goo on the handlebar

The one on the throttle hand was much cleaner for some reason

To put on the new grips it is useful to spray the inside of the grips and the handlebars with hair spray since it 1. acts as lubricant to slide the grips on and 2. solidify as glue and prevents the grip from sliding 

 To hold the expander nut of the crash bar a bit of tape is helpful so that the bolt can get into the nut without it slipping into the handlebar itself

Finished result with new grips on


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