Safety box


While travelling with soft luggage the obvious questions is where do you store your precious stuff like passports, documents and money. If someone steals a T-shirt it doesn't matter much but if you loose the passport there is a bigger problem. The solution idea I got from the guys at North and Left a Bit who used Pelican cases. So I simply needed one to go on the back plate which I found in the Ossa shop in Kowloon.  

The idea was to put it as much forward to cover the rear bolts so it is not easy to just screw it off but not too much forward so that the lid to the rear tank is covered.

A happy medium seemed to be when the rear of the box just hit the rear of the rack.

To hold it in place I got some nuts and bolds with a small plate to go under the back plate.

This in addition to two forward points which are mostly there to stop the box swinging around.

Inside I added a small reinforcement around the plate since the pelican box is not too thick although the material is pretty solid.

The final positioning of the box just about allows the fuel lid to get up and should hopefully also prevent sneaky fingers to get into the box without opening the box and the padlocks to be added on.

To secure the contents I also added two padlocks with neoprene dust covers. Bought the small neoprene patches for the covers from a local dive shop and stitched them together with a piece of string to stay in place.


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