Having just soft luggage on the bike this time there was a need for somewhere to store the tools since I don't want to drag them around more than necessary. There is some spare space on the right hand size under the pannier racks on the right hand side. The reason for it is that the racks are symmetrical while the exhaust pipe only sits on the left side. My shipping guy Edwin in Sai Kung, Hong Kong found this very useful vendor on eBay which I bought the toolbox from.

It is initially intended to carry manuals for agricultural vehicles. It is perfect in size and twists open and has a water tight seal. It is however not designed for heavy equipment and vibrations. It is also not lockable. These two things we need to sort out. 

First thing is to make sure it doesn't interfere with the lashing and rachet system for the luggage

Second thing is to reinforce the attachments with hose clips to hold more weight.

They should also be able to carry the tyre levers on top with an extra zip tie.

The locking mechanism is simply achieved by attaching the hose clip around the opening. Not high tech security but hopefully to stop any casual kid from unscrewing the canister. Simply needs a screwdriver as "key".

Finally added some hose on top of the hose clips to stop the metal on the hose clips to eat through the soft panniers.


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