New spark plugs and topped up coolant

As there is now only two days left until I'm leaving the bike with the shipping agent I quickly scanned the user manual for things I haven't checked. Two things popped in to my mind when reading the service schedule: spark plus and coolant. Spark plugs requires most attention so will be more details below.

Getting the spark plugs from Ben, in the picture above, who is the local Hong Kong Husqvarna dealer and this was likely the last visit to his shop for a year or so.

To remove spark plugs first use a torx tool to unscrew the ignition coil holders. There is one screw on each side.

Remove the connectors and pull out the coil plug

The inner one is a bit tricker to reach so you can use a screw driver as leverage

Once the coils are out you can wiggle out the coil holders and expose the spark plugs.

Unscrew the spark plugs with a 14mm hex key. The diameter of the hex key has to be about 20mm or less in order to fit into the inner plug hole

You can now unscrew the spark plugs and take them out.

Looks a bit used up during the past 10000km so a pair of fresh ones will go in/

Secondly I noticed the coolant was a bit low. Unscrew the coolant cap on the right hand side and make sure the entire radiator is filled with coolant. After this, fill up the coolant compensation tank to between the min and max level as seen in the picture above. You should really also run up the bike to 5 bars and then let it cool down and recheck the coolant level. Is coolant has left the system then top it up again.


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